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How Social Advertising Will Change in the New Decade

Social ads are becoming the go-to source for consumers looking to shop, meaning there's newfound opportunity for marketing teams looking to get in front of potential customers. If marketing teams can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to better collaborate with creative teams, they'll be able to create compelling social advertising that sets their brand apart.

The New Wave of E-Commerce on Social

In 2020, consumers will turn to social media for their online shopping, and social commerce will finally hit a tipping point. Shoppers are already engaging with social ads more than ever before, and even taking advantage of in-app purchasing in certain cases. Furthermore, 54 percent are using social ads as a method to source gift ideas. Still, consumers can easily succumb to ad fatigue if these campaigns don’t appear as curated content in their feeds. To start off the new decade, advertisers should ensure that ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest blend seamlessly into the consumer’s experience, both on stories and news feeds. Brands that personalize this marketing and make better use of AI to automate creative will see revenue pour in from social commerce in 2020 and beyond.

AI-Driven Advertising

Social advertising is due for an overhaul, and AI is leading the charge. Automation is helping marketers deploy targeted and relevant ads at scale. In addition, it’s helping performance marketers and creatives alike regain valuable time in their day. AI can also be used to understand engagement and delivery patterns to indicate what ads and formats are resonating, and when to deliver ads to specific audience subsets. With AI in the driver’s seat in 2020, marketers can focus more on strategy and creativity to deliver more powerful and engaging experiences for consumers.

The Bold Influencer

When it comes to engaging audiences in 2020, the way things have been done traditionally won’t cut it anymore. Millennials and Generation Z are generations for whom representation really matters, and brands will need to strive to become a part of the feedback loop to stay relevant. This will be especially prevalent with user-generated content, where brands will be more daring and bolder when working with influencers. It will also be crucial for brands to outwardly take a stand on purpose-driven topics, such as sustainability and wellness, as they work to build authentic and meaningful relationships with customers.

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