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Creating the Perfect Kit

Over the past few months, the practice of “kitting” has become increasingly popular across a number of industries. As people continue to work from home, and events like graduations and tradeshows are pushed to a virtual format, companies and organizations are sending people custom packages or “kits” that include a variety of products as an alternative to the in-person event they’re missing. These kits can be fully personalized to a company’s branding and include anything from apparel and printed collateral to high tech promotional products like mobile chargers and wireless earbuds.

The process of creating these kits involves working with us to find the right products and packaging for your specific goals. From there, you’ll provide us with a list of contacts you’d like the kits sent to and find the right timeline for when you want them to go out to those contacts.

What are some of the main business objectives for sending out kits?

These kits are mainly being used for employee recognition purposes, care packages for their customers and gifts for their prospective clientele. We’ve seen a lot of these kits being used as “welcome back to the office” packages that include PPE and other safety items. We also see them being used for season ticket packages, virtual graduation and virtual trade show gifts.

What products are most frequently included in the kitting projects ?

Tumblers, pens, backpacks and company literature are the most popular, but we’ve also had customers include more high-end items like Bluetooth speakers, headphones and duffel bags as well. Branded apparel is huge, especially for companies who are still hiring, but can’t have these new hires in the office yet. Drinkware and technology items like mobile chargers and earbuds are also very popular.

What is the most common type of packaging being used for these kits?

The most common are corrugated cardboard cartons. Many clients order custom printed tuck-fold cartons, while some others are okay with poly-mailers. It all depends on the contents of the kit and the value the client puts on presentation. The top of the line product is definitely a printed carton with a custom insert.

Looking to bring custom kitting into your business? We can help! At Ideabox, we can provide thousands of unique and fully brandable promotional products along with branded apparel and print items that you can mix and match to create your very own kit.

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