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27 Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 - The Ideabox Blog

The Internet audience is growing at a speed of 1,000,000 new users per day, as stated in the original package of reports on the status of the global digital industry for 2019. Below, you can find more SMM statistics and check what is going on online.

From small businesses to large corporations, every brand should have a social media marketing plan in 2020. The most important thing is to keep abreast of where your audience is, what they are responding to, and what they want. The professionalism of the brand in the matter of presence on social networks, authenticity, and reliability is more important than ever.

Let us review the most important Social Media Marketing Statistics in 2020.

However, before we dive into the world of fascinating facts & numbers, we cannot avoid the report by WeAreSocial. Here, they presented the following statistics:

  • In 2019, the Internet audience totals 4.39 billion people, which is 366 million (9%) more than in January 2018.

  • 3.48 billion users are registered on social networks. Compared with the data at the beginning of last year, this figure increased by 288 million (9%).

  • Today, 3.26 billion people access social networks from mobile devices. This is 10% more than last year when 297 million fewer people sat on mobile in social networks.

  • Today, there are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the world, which is 100 million (2%) more than last year.

You can also find more details in this report, according to different regions, but we are going further.

How Bloggers Can Affect Your Business – The Analysis

A study from IZEA conducted in October 2018. Data is based on a survey of 650 participants in the United States. Only users who could confirm the claim that they are active users of social networks were allowed to participate in the survey.

  1. Percentage of survey participants who are sure that I know who the media influencer (blogger) is.

  2. Percentage of participants who believe that they are influencers.

35% of respondents said that they purchased after they saw the use of the product by a blogger.

Another 12% believe that they could make a purchase after a blogger. The right side of the graph shows the types of investments that were made under the influence of a blogger. The yellow chart is for all ages, the green is millennials. The leaders are cosmetics, food, and clothes.

The previous chart is broken down by gender. As you can see, the girls (right graph) are wildly buying cosmetics and clothes, but the guys are more on DIY and food.

According to the statistics, we can see that bloggers can affect your online business and this trend is getting its popularity gradually. Undoubtedly, the role of bloggers will be even more impactful. However, you can also cooperate with professionals, who always know how to boost your campaign on social networks. Many companies tend to work with experts if they want to get terrific outcomes in a few weeks.

How Much You Have to Pay for Bloggers

A recent study from SocialBakers says that the number of Instagram posts with the hashtag #ad on Instagram has grown by 133% over the year. It remains to study how much the cost of advertising publications has changed over this time.

On Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, researchers analyzed a vast pool of 2500+ influencers to understand market rates, since prices vary depending on the form of content and the type of influencer.

The analysis breaks bloggers into four categories:

  • Nano (500-5K followers)

  • Micro (5-30K subscribersPower (30-500K followers)

  • Celebrity (500K + followers)

For analysis, five different forms of content were used:

  • Instagram post

  • Instagram video

  • Instagram Story

  • Facebook post

  • YouTube

  • 1 of 3 Instagram advertising integrations are Stories

  • 11.3% of Instagram advertising posts are video posts

  • On average, long YouTube commercials cost $ 1234, and short ones cost $ 656

  • 46% of all blogger ad activities come from the USA

The Incredible Performance by Youtube & Instagram

YouTube and Instagram are clear leaders in the battle for the audience of social networks. Instagram has risen one step higher and has become the third most popular platform with an ever-growing audience. 

This is not much different from global trends: here, the data presented by the Pew Research Center (American Analytical Center for Social Issues, Public Opinion, and Demographic Trends) and Statista (online statistics, market research, and business analytics), the whole picture is as follows.

  • 73% of adults use YouTube

  • 60% use Instagram

  • 45% use Facebook

  • 24% use Twitter

Why Youtube is So Popular for Marketing?

Below, you can see why all people around the globe are using YouTube when it comes to social media marketing.

  • Considering only views on mobile devices, YouTube is visited by more viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 years than any broadcast or cable television network.

  • 67% of YouTube users have at least some kind of higher education.

  • 70% of video viewing time occurs on mobile devices.

  • Currently, paid subscriptions have issued more than 300,000 users.

  • YouTube is the third most popular social network for small businesses, on the platform of which 46% of small enterprises are represented.

  • Every month, YouTube attracts 9 billion active users, and more than 30 million people visit daily.

  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.

  • 70% of viewers go to YouTube to help solve a problem with their work, study or hobby, while 57% go to YouTube for fun.

  • 80% of 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube at least monthly.YouTube is watched by slightly more men than women, and its users account for approximately 55% of men.

  • 96% of teens watch YouTube videos.

The Success of Instagram in Numbers

  • One billion people use Instagram every month.

  • Those 25 and older spend an average of 41 minutes per day at IG. Think about it – forty-one minutes! And those who are under 25 years old – an average of 32 minutes per day. These figures are often attributed to the popularity of Stories.

  • Video viewing increased by 40% in the first month after the launch of IGT. The trend is to increase to 80% in 2019.

  • Over 50 billion photos have been uploaded.

  • Instagram is now the second most popular social network for small businesses, on the platform, of which 48% of small enterprises are represented.

  • 121 million of these users are in the United States. 32 million – in Russia. Interested in connecting with an international audience? Instagram for you.

  • The ratio of women to men among Instagram users is approximately the same: slightly more men aged 18–34 years and slightly more women aged 13–17 and 35–64 years. Regarding the age of 65+, statistics show that usage is about the same.

  • 59% of Instagram users are under 30 years old.


Overall, we can state that social media will be boosting more exciting facts & numbers in 2020. Although some resources will show lower performance in the next years, Instagram and YouTube will be always in trend, at least for a few more years. Mostly, before someone won’t come up with a new idea or social media platform.

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